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If you have ANY suggestions on what I should add, remove or change about this site, PLEASE let me hear what you have to say.  Seriously. 

Likewise, if you encountered an error/problem/bug, please let me know.  That is likely the only way I'm going to know about it.  Better yet, if you figure out a way to fix the friggin' error/problem/bug that would also be much appreciated since I'm figuring out all of this stuff as I go along.  Remember, I'm a lawyer, not friggin' Bill Gates! 

As you probably know, this is the ONLY 100% free dating site devoted exclusively for the select few that do NOT have or want kids.  Hence, I am creating everything from scratch.  Lets face it.  I don't know of any other place where you would be asked such particularized questions (i.e.  what would you do if an accidental pregnancy occurs, etc.).  Indeed, this very question was suggested by a user of this site so I immediately added it.  If you think other questions (or anything else) should be added, please let me know.   

Likewise, many of the users of this site have far more talent and creative ideas than I do.  Therefore, if anybody out there wants to voluntarily create graphics or perhaps additions to this website, please feel free to offer your help.  I can certainly use it.  In the meantime, enjoy the site.  And remember, if you stumble upon a female in the New Jersey area that does NOT have or want kids, please give her this website.  I can certainly use all the help I can get in finding that special non-pregnating someone! 


Christopher M. Puzzele, Esq.


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