Note:  The above reporter has advised me that I am 36.5 inches long! (my news story that is!)

Note:  Special thanks to Sacha, the DJ, in Switzerland.  She even sent me pins, pens, stickers, etc.



Note:  The live radio broadcast was with the editor of Cosmo Magazine.  Suffice it to say, she was not exactly a big fan of this site.  Her complaints included, but are not necessarily limited to, me being a lawyer, me wearing an American Flag tie, me being so honest, me driving a Corvette, me making fun of myself, me having Winnie The Pooh on my exit screen and/or me selecting the as the name for this site.  Other than that, I really think she liked me (he he he). 

Note:  Special thanks to Mr. Maurizio DiMaggio.  He is the DJ from Italy who personally sent me a live clip from his radio program discussing the homepage!